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Originally Posted by jumbee View Post
o.k, the earlier info and estimation comes from a tour in India (north too) ~10 years ago, maybe the prices went up, but what you'r saying, such as 20k for an ~100km? tow seems totally out of proportion, or either India has become much more expensive in the last years or rather people got terribly greedy!
food at dhaba's back then was ~50 rupees per meal with a drink (or even less 20-25 rupees for food and another 5-10 for the juice),
out of curiosity where do you get these prices?
I get these prices because I ride :). 25K km last calendar year, of which no more than 7K km would be my commute.

As regards the tow, the truck is in Manali, and the charge is for the round trip (AFAIK, it was 26K, not 20, to do the 260 odd km round trip). For almost 120km of hill offroading included in that, I'm not sure it's unreasonable as wear and tear is much higher than normal. How much does a 250km tow (over hills having 120km of poor or marginal road) cost where you stay?

I don't know where you got your Rs 5 juice even back then, unless it was roadside lime water. Today a meal at a dhaba (just rice, lentils and vegetables) including soft drinks will set you back around 100. A half litre soft drink (actually, 600ml) - anywhere between 25 and 30, depending on how far you are form the nearest town. Non veg -, be prepared to add Rs 50 to that budget. And this is not "hotel" fare.

Due to some remarkably incompetent "governance" there has been galloping inflation over the last few years.
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