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Originally Posted by lovish View Post
Enfield for 500$$ ?? 500$= 25000 rs.

Are you kidding... I don't think any one can get a working bullet for less then 50000 rs which equals to 1000 $$

For lesser then that you will get a peice of junk that may leave you on the highest roads of the world with a 180 kg paperweight

And 160000 rs means 3200 $$ not 1500 $... recheck your maths bro ;) :)

PS : I rounded the rupee doller exchange price at 50 rs = 1 $ though at present its 56 rs = 1 $ but that would change come down soon enough

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no kidding at all,
500$ for an Enfiled at Goa flee market, went 7000Km with 1 clutch switch and rear work (outside of the rear bearings cover got ruined a bit, a road mechanic placed a piece of a soda can to fit in where it was shaking - 20 rupees) the bike went 5000 Km approximately afterwards before it was sold at 450$ to a guy in Delhi... :).

still arn, hotels at the north (a cabin was around 50-100 rupees or so at the small villages, you could find 150 in Manali)
never heard of 30 rupees, Enfield at the earlier link was ~87,900 - 97,800, the 500 version goes there for ~116,000...
there is no need apart from that for a 500 on the north ways, maybe on the hi ways,
2 can go on a 350 as well, the recommendation for the 350 was for a single person trip anyhow if the guys would consider it.

must say, India was a instant connection, felt like a home, really liked it from almost every aspect, or maybe even from every aspect, even though the trip wasn't always cheerful,
people there simply understand things differently, either you connect or either you don't,
very special place, sad it got expensive.
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