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Hey Assq,
now I'm biased to boxers, so take that into consideration. I was at Ricky's Rendezvoos on the green 1972 R75/5/Dnepr sidecar rig. That bike I bought as my second bike back in 1974, it had Windjammer fairing, Wixom saddlebags, and trunk and 2000miles. I rode it up into the early 80s then it got parked. 17 years later it was still rusting away in the corner of my garage and I pulled it out and started going thru it. Had it running with little effort. Back on the road, and shit started happening, speedo went south, tranny started leaking and bearings started squealing, oil seals started seeping. But a little time with a good wrencher and it was running strong, and oil tight. A few years later I put the sidecar on it. Going back to 1972, my Brother, EAP on ADV, had a new Honda CB500. I learned to ride on that bike. A friend of ours would ride his father's black BMW R60/5, the first Beemer I ever remember seeing. As a newbi to the world of motorcycles, I could discern a BIG difference between the 500cc Honda and the 600cc Beemer. The Beemer while slower than the Honda, was way cooler, made power right off idle. Putted around at slow speed without any drama, was way more comfortable as a passenger, didn't have a rattly oily chain drive, an obviouse quality of build that the Honda didn't have. But the Honda was faster. Needed a lot of rev's to get it going fast, but it was faster. It was a year or so after my introduction to the R60/5 that I decided to buy a bike, and I only looked for used BMWs. So I wouldn't hesitate to trade the Honda multi for the BMW twin. But you do what feels right to you.
Oh, my first bike was a 1963 BMW R60/2 that I bought thinking it had only 18,000 miles, but later found out that it had 118,000 miles. Never regretted buying it, and loved it till the /5 caught my eye.
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