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I thought it was windy riding south on 141 and it really was. So much so that I really could not get into the twisting, turning road in front of me. It lightened up a bit by the time I made it to Naturita. Riding from Naturita to Cortez I thought I was going to die. Several times.

It was blowing hard and constant. Fighting the wind, riding down an arrow straight road, my bike was leaned over to what felt like the very edge. Then a gust would blow me over into the oncoming lane, off my line. It was perhaps the worst time I've ever had on a motorcycle. I stopped at Deb's Diner in Dove Creek and made an open faced chili burger last an hour...

There's a little motel in Dove Creek and I thought real hard about staying the night there while enjoying my burger. Ultimately, I went on to Cortez. Horrible ride.

I luckily found a room in Cortez, along with about 20 other riders.

Day 1 was 496 miles. More than half of them were a constant battle with the wind. I fought hard, the wind won.

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