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Looks like "we are" doing it. AZ

The dust has settled from this past weekend amongst a sea of many Souls everyone on the path of their own direction. Ours will take off tomorrow when we head North for months seeking more beauty, calm days, cooler weather and if lucky isolated spaces with a creek. I know it is awaiting for us. Faith in Life within this direction taken. I am thinking about backtracking a bit and heading out through New Mexico to experience the "Bisti Badlands" if the heat does not chase us away. It has been a bit of a numb week following all the recent past excitements. My sleeping bag has been replaced as also cooking stove and miscellaneous items. As more time goes on I feel as cutting back more and more the luggage volume. Devising different scenarios. Who needs all this! Simplicity is always so much less to try lug around. Anything we have not used for a year or more. Yet, Murphy's Law might prove to the contrary as soon as leaving some items behind. Who was Murphy?
More Photos of Overland Expo on the Journal. Enjoy.

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Ara and Spirit.
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