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We will be moving again shortly though. Need to wait a few days to check that 'diving with mantas' box. I guess I can't complain too much about being stranded on a tropical island.
This post idea has been brewing in my head for awhile though and isn't just related to the major final drive failure we had.
'Should I get a Ural or not' is asked pretty often. I ignored advice from almost everyone I know to buy mine. But I'm stubborn like that. And I was reading the ride reports and accessories section instead of the maintenance forum. Maybe this comprehensive thread will help someone else make a more informed decision. You could attach just about any modern bike to a Ural sidecar and be better off.

Still hoping someone from pro Ural land will explain how a Ural is in fact more reliable than any other new bike or why someone would want a Ural instead of something else attached to a Ural sidecar.

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Hey bokad, I've been waiting for an update on your 'Indonesia' thread. By the tone of this here thread I'm guessing you've broken down somewhere in Indo?
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