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I bought two because:
(1) That M70 Solo looks damn sexy
(2) I bought the bikes 3 months apart. I hadn't spent enough time with the Patrol yet to realize how crap it was. Honeymoon period!

I do intend to ditch the Patrol once this trips ends. I'm dreaming of some sort of Triumph hack.

This post isn't about you or me that have already decided what we think about Urals. It's about people who haven't chosen yet. Giving them some more information. Before I bought mine there was a lot of rah rah rah and 'much better than before, really reliable' stuff that I read. A few posts from people that didn't like Urals but most had never owned one and their dislike was never detailed. So here's the details. Let people get a Ural if they want, but let them be fully informed about the whole experience. As I've been around longer I've met more former owners that replaced their Ural with more reliable rigs. They seem not to make threads about it though, just replace and move on.

Originally Posted by Wannabee View Post
Merely an observation ..... Why did you buy two of them if they are such crap ?
If you read any thread about any bike , you are gonna find out the worst of every situation . No one has ever (with the exception of the "it didn't break " thread on Soviet Steeds ) started a thread about about how great their brand of bike is .
It is what it is , do some research before you buy something ( or two of ) and you may not be so disgruntled . Sorry about that , sell them and move on . Everyone has bought the wrong bike before , happens everyday .
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