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Originally Posted by bokad View Post
Still hoping someone from pro Ural land will explain how a Ural is in fact more reliable than any other new bike or why someone would want a Ural instead of something else attached to a Ural sidecar.
You seem to be the only person on the planet who was under the delusion that a Ural was expected or supposed to be more reliable than "any other new bike".

People want a Ural because they feel that it would be cool to have a Ural. Not because they thought a Ural would be more reliable than every other make of bike. I don't even have one, and I know this. People who want a Ural are often people who enjoy people coming up to them and saying" Wow, is that a Ural?"

Do they even sell Urals without sidecars? That should tell you something.

If you didn't know that sidecars can be put on other makes of bike, that is your ignorance. If you want a roadside assistance warranty, buy a car. Most motorcycles don't have such warranties (NONE of the numerous new motorcycles I've bought had one), but apparently you don't know that either.

You're just a self-absorbed crybaby.
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