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The original poster has taken his bike on quite a journey, he doesn't seem in any way like a pussy, just some one who wanted to ride. Ural is making bikes in small volumes (not one off) and with the best will in the world probably have to concentrate quite hard on getting sales to pay the work force. Some dealers may be in the dark ages but the good ones could probably help get the standards up (probably have been doing). Its easy to get something made right and to a good quality when your order quantities are 10,000 parts and up. When Ural are selling a few hundred bikes they are in an unfortunate valley between mass production and easy engineering changes to one off bikes. They are also popular because the design hasn't changed much which puts another layer of complexity into the decision to change any part. I know people objected when the drum break went from the front meaning you lost the complete interchangeability of all wheels, some people prefer the old 650 engine. It must be a nightmare for Ural figuring out how to update the design and not lose the magic.
Sidecars are a niche market and urals are a niche within that, I really doubt many off these bikes are bought with a spock like logical mind (he would probably buy a second hand low mileage corrola). People pay a lot of money for these machines I can see why there would be a tendency to be a brand ambassador. Its pretty brave to come out in public and say I wasted a load of money because I didn't do enough research and the bikes not for me, you open yourself up to ridicule which has all ready started but you might save others a lot of hassle. I think its a pretty useful thread people will read it along with others ride reports and can now get both parts of the story. From his ride report it sounds like he has encountered most problems in high humidity countries at slow speeds with a lot of slogging through heavy traffic / bad roads. I think a $10K should be able to handle this but I doubt the factory gets much chance to test in these conditions.
He has had two of these bikes he seems to have ridden them quite a bit and wanted to ride them more but can't due to break downs he isn't just knocking them with no experience.
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