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I am in the process of buying my first new to me Ural. I did much research and talked to lots of folks about it. I was informed about the maintenance shedule needing to be more aggressive than other bikes, I've read all the horror stories and the good stories too and yet I'm still taking the plunge. Why, for the adventure and experience of it. Do I wish the Ural was really a Honda in diguise? Yes, because I love Hondas and how trouble free all of mine have been. But did I learn a lot from any of my Hondas? Probably not as much as I will learn from my Ural. But we'll see. It's all about the experiene for me.

I don't blame this guy for writing a write-up dissing Urals. He's had a bad time with them. I might do the same if I expected so much and was sorely dissapointed. But I also read the write-ups of people taking adventures with their Urals and being more than happy with them and loving the extra tinkering they may have to do if it comes up. To each his own. I think his write-up is worth the read so people can go into buyig a Ural with their eyes open. But you must look at the larger picture and read the other stuff too and then make an adult, informed decision.

To the originator of this post, I say good luck and I hope you either come to terms with your bikes or sell them for a decent price and buy something you like better. If you buy something else, I'd love to see what you put together for a rig. Like a Honda and ????. THere s a naked wing and seat right here on Advrider I'd love to have myself!
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