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Hubert is a great adventurer (among the best and going for decades) and a little different from you and me.
He has near infinite time available.
He gets free replacement parts from Ural.
He has exceptionally experienced mechanical knowledge.

To be honest I don't think accidental that more people don't use a Ural for RTW travel. Hubert could probably manage on a motorized bicycle or clown car.

I used to think the same thing about "no other bikes are made for sidecar" but the more research I do and the more hackers I meet the more I realize it's pretty normal and workable to put a sidecar on many bikes.

Glad you are enjoying your Ural. And good luck in the future.

Originally Posted by Prmurat View Post
Funny thread.... I am following Hubert' 10 years around the world, now on a Ural (after a BMW) and in his last report he compared his Ural with previous bikes he used... And still rides a Ural!!
The easiness he just changes his gearbox, broke it again and replaced everything again is amazing in this world of modern marvels un-fixable by the side of the road!!
I am guilty of having bought one last year, mainly to do dirt/fire roads and camping during weekends... I could not see myself/wife/dogs on a KLR and other NEW options were a lot more expensive!!! Add to this,IMHO, that Urals are the only new bikes made from the start for a sidecar and the choice get even smaller (I am not crazy about the idea of non natural "mariage" with new subframes/fork change etc).
The fact that Ural are so cool is a, big, added bonus!!
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