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Well Bokad, you paid the price of admission twice, so you have a right to bitch. I don't know if you researched Urals before you took the plunge on two, I did, and for the price of two I would have found out exactly what I was getting into for that price!! I had two failures when new on my 2010 Gear Up, rocker arm broke and the final drive had a couple teeth come off. Both were covered under warranty, both parts shipped overnight to me, I installed them and rode on. I knew that these problems could happen to my year model, so I wasn't surprised or pissed, I had done my research. I was treated excellent by Ural America and my dealer, end of issue. Since then 11k kilos and all is well........Thing is I knew what I bought and what could happen, so nothing can surprise me or piss me off.

I bought a new 2000 VMax, it had a high speed wobble(common) that I couldn't get rid of. Yamaha told me too bad. Then it had a known flaw with the ignition pick up module, just out of warranty it failed and stranded me 2500 miles from home. Yami told me too bad, so I bought the $225 part and put it in myself. Sold that bike, was sick of the crap.

Bought a new Suzuki VStrom 1000 in 2005, right off the dealer floor it ran like crap, coughing and spitting at the 3k rpm range. Common well known problem, so I bought a $300 Power Commander and fixed that issue. Later Suzuki came out with a fix, too late for me. The suspension on that bike was horrible, so after awhile instead of dumping a bunch of money into it, I sold it.

Bought a 2007 HD Electraglide Classic, the fuel injection runs so lean on them I'm surprised the engine doesn't melt in the first week, heheh. Put a FI tuner on it and now it's fine.

My Beemer friends, they had the dreaded surging issues, final drive failures, driveline slop, ABS issues and then problems with the LT series. There's already recalls on the new 1600s. Oh well......

So for me it's just try to be informed as much as possible before you put the money down, even then if things don't go right for you, sell whatever POS it is that's driving you nuts and move on. I think for you maybe one Ural for fun, and one Japanese bike to fill in the rest of the time and give you some peace of mind.

Although they are super easy to work on, having two Urals is a tall order for maintenance and such. For me, one is enough, and I really like my crude Russian motorcycle, I know what I bought and I'm fine with that.

I''m sure you knew this thread would generate some flames, enjoy.....
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