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Great thread!

I own a 2007 Patrol and it is the most enjoyable vehicle I have ever owned...and I recently bought a Pinzgauer. I have ridden it down the Trans Labrador...and back, into the States many times, through the Dragon, and recently to San Fransisco (I am from Ottawa, Canada), up the PCH, through Oregon, Washington State, Idaho, Montana, up into Alberta and back home through Canada. Just under 12000KM. I had one bike related issue, a bearing that went on me, but I had it replaced in Santa Clara. I had about 4 flats, but that was due to my neglect of a spoke. I still grin when I think about that trip.

Are there quality issues? Yup. Have I bitched about certain things on the bike? Yup, but IMWA is also the most responsive manufacturer, of any kind, I have ever dealt with. I own a 2010 Chevy Silverado and I am on my third head gasket, 3 spark plug fowlings and a few other things. Does GM acknowledge I have a bad head? Nope...just fixing the symptoms.

I am a huge participant in online forums, especially for the Ural. I even "own" one. In my 'Ural travels,' I have come across many, many, many Ural owners who do not participate in any online community, and they have not had any issues with their bikes. Imagine that. Like in life, the minority always speaks louder than the majority.

I am sure you will find a buyer for your bike(s), but I hope you point them to this thread before they make such an uninformed decision.....of course you won't.
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