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Which faults were extremes? I mean specifically. I'm willing to compromise and revise.

Key blanks... I contacted Ural directly, they didn't respond. I contact my Ural dealership, they didn't have any and didn't know where they could be had. I contacted a few other dealerships, same response. I searched for answers in the forums. Hit or miss, none of those worked for me. I went to several custom locksmiths, no dice.
Please let me know, where do you get your Ural key blanks?

Roadside assistance. No, I don't expect that for myself. What I'm pointing out to potential owners is that when they do brake down, even though they have a warranty, there will expense to them.

Kick start.... devil is in the details dude! You gotta read closely before you complain. I said the kick start doesn't work on my M70 Retro Solo. You ever had one of those? Little bit different from your standard Ural. Not even the dealer could get it to kick start and if the dealer can't get it to work then that's what I call broken!

Originally Posted by roscoau View Post
More than that, I think he expected a Honda CAR experience. Had he stuck to realistic faults without going to extremes to find fault I could sympathize - no-one is going to say Urals don't have faults.

Key blanks? Readily available.
Roadside assistance? Really? I guess you want it in Indonesia too?
Leaky boot/trunk? Well yes, but a fault? It was never designed not to leak.
Kick start doesn't work for him? It appears to have worked fine for others for the last 60 years or so.

I can't recall anyone on any forum claim a buyer can expect a Honda-like experience - just the opposite in fact. Anyone thinking of a Ural can easily find out their faults and a reasonable person would go into ownership with their eyes open.
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