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Originally Posted by atgreg View Post
Thanks, bit of a story, I wear an Offtrack Jacket (XXL) and BMW rallye 2 pants (56). I just managed to score a Turbine Jacket (56) & Pants(54) (both with liners) here in Oz on runout sale for $AUS400 for both !!!!.

Seeing I got such a bargain for some warmish weather riding gear Im thinking of ditching my offtrack and rallye 2's and getting some riding gear for winter that has a waterproof shell rather than a detachable liner.

The Oz importer has a rather od mix of stuff, horizon jacket but not pants , no Legacy or Everest ,

Im gathering info on fit etc before I order from OS, I like the look of the Horizon stuff having seen the jacket (XXL fits well) , not sure if its cold enough here in Oz to need the everest , have never seen a legacy , any thoughts on the merits of the 3 ?? .

While I have your ear , I have a pair of the dirt gloves (XL) love em !!!. Im also looking for some winter gloves but hate bulky / thick ones. Any suggestions from the Revit line ?? , I'd happily sacrifice some warmth for less bulk.

thanks for your time

Hi Greg,
I think the Everest jacket might be overkill for the needs you've described, which narrows the choices to the Horizon and the Legacy. The Horizon and Legacy fit similar, but the Legacy does have the floating Gore Tex membrane, which takes up some space in the jacket. The Gore-Tex membrane does a better job at breathing in hot weather, but the Horizon has direct venting. As they don't make a ladies version of the Horizon, I can not personally comment in it's performance, but they've been received quite well so far.
The Off Track Jacket has a slimmer cut that anything being produced by REV'IT! these days. Unfortunately, it seems they've made some drastic changes to their fitting shape, and we are finding the 2012 collection to fit considerably larger than the Off Track, originally introduced in 2007.
If you are only planning on using the set up for winter use, I would opt for the Legacy set up over the Horizon, since Gore-Tex is the best of the best offered when it comes to wet weather use. It is slightly longer than your Off Track, but likely not more than 2 inches. If you have tried on the Horizon in 2XL, then I would recommend the same size in the Legacy.
As for gloves, you might like the Phantom GTX glove from REV'IT! It's also a Gore-Tex glove that uses X-tra fit technology, has a slim fit and is not bulky. There is no insulation in this glove, but if you are looking for feel over warmth, this is the clear winner.
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