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You know, the more bokad posts replies, the more inconsistencies appear with his comments. The more generalizations and dissing of all things wonder IMWA no longer responds to him. BTW- Russian Standard vodka is quite good, even to Russians.

I'm certainly no mechanical genius, but he references one of my threads where I have to remove the sidecar driveshaft, rear shocks, swingarm, rear brake lever, final drive, neutral switch, air box and starter motor to replace a broken clutch acuator rod that cost me $15. Most of my friends were absolutely amazed that I was able to do that repair on my own with only the tools that came with my 2004 Patrol! Heck, I have trouble fixin' the push mower when it won't start!

I've seen Ural owners replace cylinders in a campground on the ground covered in pine needles while drinking Baltika #9s (another great Russian product) and then go riding offroad the next couple of days and ride it home afterwards with no further issues (QBall).

The more you post, bokad, the more it is apparent that you are certainly not capable of wrenching, let alone adventuring anywhere that doesn't have maid service and your special kind of bar soap in the hotel rooms you would have to stay in. You talk like you are a well-versed world traveller, you had me fooled. Most people that fit in that category just book the trip with a tour guide and ride in the bus...

When I go on rides out past where Jesus lost his sandals and something breaks, I can fix it and get home. Many, many of my Honda/Suzuki/KTM/Kawi riding buddies break down out there and guess what? Yep- I tow them out with my Ural so they can take it to the dealer to have it fixed in a week or two.

I've got 32,000kms on my '04 with LOTS of long distance travels (not as much as Berger, or windmill, or Mr Cob, or garylongstitcher or whatever his name was, or even Hints from Heloise!) but I know what the rig can do and what it can't do.

Here's a quote from windmill that says an aweful lot:

The beauty of a Ural isn't about the common things it can't do, it's about the uncommon things it can do. -windmill
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