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Awesome. I took her out for a 600 mile weekend conference in the San Juan Range, and as soon as the meetings were out, off to the bike I'd go. Forest Service road of about 60 miles, some gravel, but mostly rain rutted and dried clay roads. Poked around the Mountains, the town, and took pictures. Great weekend, great bike.

But, on the way home, she started to act like she wanted to die at stop signs. Never did, but that was due to my catching it with the throttle.

Then, outside of Pueblo running 85mph on I-25, she lost major power and was clearly running on one cylinder, if that. Got off the highway and shut her off she sounded so bad. I went to start her again when stopped, in order to start diagnosis, but there was NO power to the dash lights, nothing. Completely dead.

Pushed her over to the shade of a tree and for some reason tried the key again. All normal. WTF? Hit the starter and she fired right up and ran beautiful. So I went home, with a stop at the Pueblo Air Museum. No problems.

Next day, went to a neighboring town for something, and she started acting up again. I pulled over in a wide spot, and shut her down. I thought I'd just cycle the switch and she'd pop back to life again. No dice. No power at all, and she would not come back at all. Okay, seat off, get tools, and start to poke around. Now, I'm on the side of the road and wanting to go home, so I naturally look for the simple things, like a positive battery wire coming loose or something. I absentmindedly flip open a tiny plastic flap on a small box next to the battery, and discover a fusible link.

This link, was just a tiny strip of metal, like a butterfly band-aid, and was rated for 30 amps. And yes, there was a hairline crack in the fuse area. Ahh, the intermittent contact is explained.

So I look, and sure enough, old man Honda had put a spare in the box 30 years ago.

Boom, all fixy-fixied and all is better now.

How wonderfully simple it is to work on this bike, what little I've needed to.
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