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Power Shell Mini Review

In order to qualify for the "FREE LIFETIME Crashed Gear Replacement", I'm posting this mini-review. I bought the Power Shell Suit. I gave Ghazi my measurements and he sent me a loaner suit to try on. The suit he sent me fit good with the insulation that came with it(not a Power Shell Suit). I decided on the color of the suit I wanted and placed an order. About seven weeks later I received my suit.

The Power Shell fits me on the snug side with the supplied inner suit insulation. Nope, I haven't gained any weight since the order and I'm thinking since this suit is made from a different fabric, it may just be stiff and need to be broken in a bit(I'm hoping). I've been riding only a couple of times since the suit arrived so time will tell on the fit I guess.

Appears to me that the PS is a well made suit. I've never had a one piece suit before and I like how easy it is to put on and take off(I'll use it when I ride back and forth to work-when I get the service done on my bike). It ventilates well and I feel that in the worse case, I would be well protected in a fall.

I wish the pockets were bigger and that the suit had extra pockets on the outside thighs. If I was thinking when I had placed the order, I would have had the logo deleted. After a few more miles on this suit I will do a more extensive review.

In the below pics I'm wearing some thin sweat pants, one poly pro long underwear top, and a Powerlet heated jacket. It is a little cramped even with the adjustments on the suit let out:

Length seems to be okay, just wish I had about another inch in the torso area(I have short,thick legs and a long torso) and another inch around the legs.

Time will tell if I can live with this suit or not.

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