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Originally Posted by windmill View Post
A Urals price is about the economic realities of volume, not "value".

If you compair a Urals price to other low volume, hand built specialty bikes like Rokon, Confederate, Big Dog, or custom built sidecar rigs then their price seems like a real bargain. Ural builds around 1000 rigs a year, they just don't benefit from the advantages of volume the way a manufacturer who builds !00,000 or a 1000000 bikes a year does.

Look at what it costs to have DMC, or CSM do a custom rig, A lot of folks end up $30 K - $40 K into their rigs. Is that over priced compared to a Ural T's $10 K price tag? Certainly not, those custom rigs are carefully hand built in very small volumes, they dont do it as a public service or charity, they charge what they need it to provide the product and turn a profit the same as Ural.

Price, fair value, and value to an individual are very different things.

* snort * ... you might want to revise your production figures somewhat .

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