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Originally Posted by oppozit View Post
Perhaps you'd like to compare Irbit wages with North American wages and recalculate the price differential? Also DMC and CSM do ACTUAL custom outfits - not churn out 800 of the essentially same model. Try comparing apples to apples NOT apples to Chinese Gooseberries.
I don't know about Chinese Gooseberries, but to build a GS rig with 2wd and reverse, and a nice steel tub, then powder coat every piece on the bike, frame and tub, it's easily $30k plus, so that's apples to apples as far as functionality goes. For $15k the Ural is a comparative deal that goes about 10-15 mph slower cruise speed and has an unlimited mileage 2 year warranty. I'm pretty happy showing up a few hours later with an extra $15k plus in my bank account. But if I was a rich guy, I'd probably try one of them ubber rigs out......

Uh oh, is there a Beemer/Ural flamer coming, heheh? If so, after that we can finish up with an oil discussion.....
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