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But shipping materials from all over the world to the factory, the completed rigs to their final destinations, the need for EPA, and Dot certification of a motor vehicle in several countries meeting several standards, supporting a multi national dealer and distributing network, stocking spare parts, and many other things significantly marginalize the advantages of wages lower wages in Russia. Also these are things that the custom builders here in the US are not burdened with.

Yes it is apples to Chinese gooseberries, but the comparisons in question are fair and relevant none the less.

I'm shocked you are letting his extremely disparaging comments about Russia and the Russian people slide without comment, I'm of German/Italian decent and I found them offensive.
I'm dealing with his comments about Russian products and Russians analytically - I intend to prove him wrong without a comeback. However your claims are ludicrous! Almost all certification is homogenised - if i meets US certification it meets EEC and ECE. Better find another excuse to justify IMWA raping the world's Ural markets.
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