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The start of this week was far from the norm. After a weekend on the Rally Bike Id usually return to work but I had some Racing commitments to take care of. This involved taking a short flight to the Channel Island of Jersey on Monday morning for a number of activities.
First up was a trip to the Jersey Hospital / Medical Centre for an appointment with for some Heart tests that are required for the World Championship Events and indeed the Dakar. Having the Echo Cardigram first, I got to see the valves in my heart pumping away, hopefully they never reach the rate of the valves in the 450RR motor; if they do Ive got trouble because they look a lot more complex and I did not see any springs in there to help them close!

Next up was the exercise tolerance ECG. The standard requirements are pretty basic but when I told the cardiologist what I was doing and how I like to keep fit, I think he saw this as an opportunity to push me a little harder. It all started well..
and thuntil I got to the point where I wish I could have reached the stop button. I stuck with it until eventually he decided I shed enough sweat to call it a day. He then helped me to the bed before I collapsed from the sudden stop (that is a requirement of the test).
Dr. Andrew Mitchell will collate the report and complete the licencing application in the next few days.
With the heart tests in that bag it was over the road for the eye examinations and tests at Alan Duchemin Optitians. Ben did a sterling job here and informed me of some very useful information about my eyes. Im always keen to learn more in life, here I got a lesson about my eyes, got to see the back of my eye and find out some interesting stuff about disk to cup ratios and how I was a minority with my ratio. After a 30 minute appointment turned into over 60 minutes, mainly due to a long discussion about the Dakar, it was time to hit the road. Its amazing how many people know of and are interested in the Dakar.
Finally, I took a trip to Bikers Jersey, the islands KTM Dealer. I was recently contacted by the Sales Director Owen Lewis who had been following me for a while on and had seen what I was planning to do through my web-site. As a result of the visit I am happy to announce that Bikers Jersey will be the KTM dealer that are supporting my race campaign over the coming year. Big thanks to Owen (see picture below) who has stepped forward to contributed in many different ways in order to support me throughout 2012 and in the run up to the Dakar.

It was great to meet the guys at bikers, get all my licence tests done, pick up Dealer Support and also see such a fantastic little island steeped in history on what turned out to be a fantastic couple of days. Now its back to the grind stone.
A huge thanks to everyone on the island that made the visit so smooth and so beneficial.
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