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19 incher finally done: TIME SUCK

My adventure wheel experiment turned out to be a steep learning curve. I ordered up all the stuff I thought was needed and figured it was a quick assembly job. Then Murphy's Law demanded recognition. The short version is that this pile of parts:

turned into this:

It took about a week to get some stainless spokes from Buchanon. The spokes wouldn't go into the hub, too thick. I call the company and explain. The girl says "but thats the size we make". After a couple of seconds i ask, "Well what do we do now"? she answers "you'll have to drill out your hub". She made me aware that I am a dumb-ass to expect a custom ordered set to actually fit.

I drill the hub spoke holes bigger but they are still snug so getting the rim to lace up is a real chore for a novice. I persist and get things buttoned up only to realize another problem. The rim I'm using is a standard 19 inch 2.15 rim for the rear end of a KTM/Yamaha YZ etc. The nipple holes are drilled at an angle appropriate for a rear hub which is about 5 inches wide. My hub is only 3 inches wide so the angle of the dangle is off and I notice all my spokes are bowed. Not knowing much but thinking that is not good, I post a question in the woodyswheelworks thread and he answers that the rim has to be drilled as well.

I wasn't about to unlace the dang thing so I went about doing them one at a time. I borrowed a special drill bit from my farrier that has a big chamfer edge combined with a smaller twist bit. 36 holes. I learned as I went along and got it down to 3 or 4 minutes per hole. It turned out ok.

Went to mount the wheel after installing the 320mm rotor, new tire and caliper relocator. It bolts up but the wheel wont turn. The rotor is hitting the caliper bracket. Here again I assumed that a rotor and caliper bracket bought as a kit would actuall be built with the proper clearance for the rotor to spin inside the caliper bracket. Wrong again, out comes the mill file.

All told I have about 20 hours into the wheel swap with the spacers and all the hassles. Not to mention the frozen rear axle... And the bike falling off the lift at one point
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