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I don't have a Ural but have looked and admired plenty. The OP has admitted to frustration when starting this tread but I think he has a point. The new 750cc models are marketed as MUCH more reliable when in reality they are probably just more reliable. Everyone knows you are going to be spending more time with tools in your hands with a URAL but if with the new design this was pretty much limited to the shorter time between services than other bikes I don't think anyone would complain. (In fact I change the oil on my Honda every 1000 miles and do the filter and screens at the same time as my Honda has a top end that is notorious for needing exactly the correct amount of clean oil so URAL has no mayor disadvantage there. The difference is perhaps that my bike was the Uk equivelent of $2000 with 17K on the clock so I don't mind doing the maintenance. I knew about the weak or rumoured to be weak top end when I bought the bike and its accepted as a trade off for a cheap combination.) It is very easy to be taken in by the cool looks of a Ural and by the hype concerning how much better they are now with the 750 so it is useful to get the views of people who have owned them both good and bad. I'm sure someone else will get the his rigs and have a blast with them. The OP has not been put off riding by this experience and admits he bought them because he liked the looks but they were not for him, he is asking questions in other threads about different chairs and bikes and I'm sure he will find an outfit to suit him. Some bikes just are not for some people I had a BMW K100 for a while. In the time I had it the rear break switch failed and that was it, it was smooth capable and fast but I never gelled with it, if you asked my why I sold it I couldn't tell you. This thread may tip some people away from buying a URAL, they are probably the people who won't enjoy it anyway. So the OP has probably saved some people from cash and in the end may have helped URAL by making sure that people who buy them are not disappointed as they go in eyes open and become ambassadors.
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