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Suzuki DR200SE Rear Suspension Adjustment

I'll share the information I have found on the rear suspension and making adjustments for the DR200 in case anyone wanted to know.

The manual says if you want to adjust the rear suspension you need to take the wheel off and remove the entire shock assembly. I was able to use a metal stick and hammer to slowly move the adjustment nut without the hassle of removing the rear wheel, though it did ding up the nut and make it look less pretty. Who cares, right?

The nut moves on threads that have a 1 to 1.5 inch travel -- I didn't measure the length of the threads but it appears to be closer to 1.5 inches. The higher you place the nut, the more loose and soppy the rear suspension will be. If you lower the nut, the suspension becomes more stiff. It will also raise the seat height a little more from the floor, but the biggest improvement in seat height is that the bike won't sag as much when you sit on it.

The manual lists three suspension ranges, and gives an (uncompressed?) spring measurement for each setting.
9.3" Soft
9.1" Medium* (factory setting)
8.9" Hard

When adjusting my suspension, I just ignored the spring measurement. The adjustment nut was in the middle of the threads, so I am going to assume that's the medium setting. I will take the bike for a spin tomorrow morning and maybe I'll move the nut even lower.

Will the bike handle any different on and off road with the bike adjusted for harder suspension? Obviously it will feel different but will it affect cornering and road grip much?
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