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The Baja Incident Part II: Puertecitos and Beyond

Another beautiful Baja morning and I'm packing up my bags. The plan today is to ride the east coast of Baja from San Felipe to Coco's Corner, a distance of around 175 km as the crow flies. The roads from San Felipe are paved to the village of Puertecitos, then turn into dirt further south.

I fill my camel pack with agua and stow a second small water container. It's going to be a very hot day and without knowing it, I already made my first mistake: I should have left at the crack of dawn to avoid the searing heat.

I finish packing and the rumble in my tummy reminds me that I haven't had breakfast yet. With the heat rising, I decide to skip breakfast to save time. I'll eat lunch later. It's time to ride.

It is late in the morning at the desolate San Felipe. Not seeing a single soul, I turn south and race through the paved section towards Puertecitos.

Huge dips on the road (vados) add to the fun

There's a restaurant near Puertecitos called Cowpatty where I can get some grub and re-fill my camel pack.


I arrive at Cowpatty to find it closed. There's no one else on the road so I shouldn't have been surprised. I'm grumpy without food and it would have been nice to get some more water.

Junction to Puertecitos

I ride further to Puertecitos where there's a PEMEX gas station, but it is also closed.

No gas for you!

I wonder what's going on? According to the small sign at the pump, this gas station is open every day of the week -- except today. I pick the wrong day to traverse Baja.

I have enough gas and water to get through so I decide to ride on.

The east coast of Baja really is beautiful.

Standby for Part III

Canada to Argentina (in progress)
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