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Cool2 kientech installed :)

Today I pulled the carb & cleaned it - then installed the kit I got earlier this month.
...also cleaned & serviced the air filter... there was a couple ounces of motor oil in the airbox; maybe when I changed the oil a couple weeks ago I overfilled it it's all good though ...anyways, I ran it up-n-down the street a few times, with the top of the airbox on - there was a slight hesitation on WOT accelleration. Back to the garage, and off with the lid - no more stuttering but I now know what y'all were talking about... doesn't sound so tame anymore! I know they say the seat provides adequate protection to the filter w/o the airbox lid... but I'm not real comfy with it off. Maybe an airbox mod in the near future, to provide more air AND protection.
Another inmate told me he opened up the backside, where the airhorns originally are located. I've seen the "one big hole in the top" & the 3-hole mod...
Ah well, it is what it is.
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