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So, now to the route.
Day 1 leaving home - Me from "The Shed", LGDH from outskirts of Perth - meeting at Karlgarin, overnight @ Tressies
Day 2, as much as possible of The Holland Track
Day 3 Finish "the Track", check out Cave Hill and try and get to Widgiemooltha for lunch and feast on the now world famous "Widgie-burger"! Find somewhere to Camp hopefully make it to Peak Charles.
Day 4 Back track from Peak Charles to a clearing sale @ Varley, and check out the gear at a farm where the banks have forclosed on a guy who is into them for $50million .....try and get to Lake Grace for a shower and BEERS
Day 5 Back home going our separate ways on roads ive never been down.

So here we go.
My little champ is the WR250R - just the same setup as when we did Holland Track & Lake Ballard - West Australia
last year. Packed and ready to go - a great little platform for this run.
Everyone else was away at work or school - so it was only old Reggie boy there to wish me well on this little ride about.

Heading that way!

Up again into the Range

Through the forrest

Out into the farmlands

On that same farm land - a brand new shiny 10.5km bauxite ore conveyor. This is one section that will take ore overland to an Alumina Refinery which is 70km away from here

There i was minding my own business out the back of the bush, when i came across THIS
So i was thinking yeah, thats pretty WTF until i pulled up and saw what the local rednecks had it facing

MAN! - i knew that i was out in banjo country - but had this marked the point at where the drums started?? Thats some bad juju right there. Note: this was NOT staged - there is no way i would touch that stinking thing..

After that i came across the water pipeline that i would follow to the end. There are several that provide for the large towns that spread out from the hills inland through the Wheatbelt. As i head inland it gets smaller and smaller.....

Beautiful Salmon Gums

With the rain that was coming, looks like someones gearing up to get started on this years crop!

I really hope these guys get the rain they need - when they need it!

Yee haw!!

Pipes getting smaller

....and smaller

I had a wierd mental image of this pipeline ending with a leaky tap on the end - dripping into a dogs bowl and some mutt like old Reggie Boy lapping away at it.
Clearly Id been on the road too long and it was time to park up at Tressies. LGDH had just pulled in and was unpacking. Time to head down to the Karlgarin Club and have a nice country meal and a few beers. Its been a good day.

to be continued.....
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