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linusje? you owned the older Tmax in the past? (meaning: how do you know the 530 is faster-quicker)

here is what I noticed on the changes of the 530:
final belt drive instead of the enclosed chain drive
much bigger brake discs with ABS
thicker seat padding with nice stitching
( I always read the reviews of the Tmax owners complainning about the thin seat padding making the seat uncomfortable,,, but I don't have a problem with the stock seat)

over here in the states Yamaha is running scared about selling too many scooters thinking that would ruin their reputation of selling other models of big cruisers and fast sport bikes because too many people look down on and make fun of scooters, over here is all about image, to pretend you are special and better than everybody else because you ride a big monster cruiser bike that makes a lot of noise,, its not about the joy and fun of riding its only about how tough you look on one!
I guess Yamaha understands that and caves into the social make up of the typicial guy that wants to buy a bike so Yamaha tells the few like me to get lost and they don't need my money and my business.
So be it!
I get very upset watching new guys that just got their first big cruiser bike that can't ride it, then these exact same guys cutting me down and making fun of my Tmax,,,, and those new guys are the customer that Yamaha wants
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