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Day 2
Pretty cosy sleep @ Tressies - sort of like being at work - waking up in a donga. But packed up and ready to go with last minute fuel and stuff at Hyden

At the Hyden start of the Holland Track.

The sign on the left says that they would be conducting planned aerial burning and a phone no. to call. Since it was a Saturday of course no one at a Govt. Dept. was picking up the phone so, we figured that they wouldnt be trying to napalm us on a weekend either.

It seems we timed a Track run with regard to the weather pretty well. Nice cloud cover, not too hot during the day and not too cold at night.
LGDH had the GoPro set for 30sec shots and caught a few good'ns - theyre mixed in with stills from my Canon
Road Right = Easy , Track Left = not so easy ....but more fun!

The sand at the start was still as hungry as ever.

.....the solution

back on...on...

Thankfully most of the rain that came thru during the early part of the year had dried up

Mostly it was just cruizy cruising - with really variable landscapes.

Past Mt Holland and the Gold Mine nearby

Made it to the Cache in good time

It seems we were the only ones out here. The week before there was an entry from The BMW Motorrad Club, Moscow. That was a spinout but then again, its a small world.

Now a big highlight for me when coming through in Oct. 2011 was the Gnome Playground set-up a few kays down the road from here.
Old photo from that trip

When we got to the spot, it seemed that the little guys had packed up and moved on.
At least thats what i would like to think, rather than some killjoy wowsers deciding to clean it up to maintain the "purity" of the Holland Track experience.
It was a real shame As LGDH & I had bought along a couple of little mates for some new company for them. So, instead we abandoned our little guys along there to give some weary traveller a little lift along in an otherwise gruelling day.

To be honest. It was a relief to get rid of that little bugger. Took way too much space up and had a bit of a bad attitude. I should have known better - the sleeve tat , bloodshot eyes and the pisshead nose were a BIG giveaway.

True to the nature of our trip - LG bought along a very well behaved Miner and we all know that Miners, even minor Miners are all very nice people. I hope he strikes it lucky out here. I think he's going to have a few issues with the other joker though.

Good riddence - bloody stowaways!

So we carried on until we were about beat for the day. Found a good camp with about 40km left of the track to go - got out the Port, had a few - made camp - relaxed with food and a fire. Its been another good day be continued
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