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Originally Posted by Lateralus180 View Post
Also make sure you adjust the screw properly. I had the bike running way too rich when I first took it out, and it would hesitate a bit when I would open up the throttle. I thought it was a problem with the air box being too restricted but it ran smoothly when the screw was adjusted properly. The Kientech instructions say you should tighten the screw 15-16 full turns inward, and back out I think 1+1/8 turns. I ended up backing it out like the instructions said but my bike was running a little lean. I brought it out another full turn and it's running much better now.
Originally Posted by JayGoldstein View Post
I've also experienced that hesitation when opening the throttle. I'm taking my bike in for the 1,000 km service next week and will mention this issue. Has anyone has gotten their dealer to adjust the carb, or do they refuse to do so because of emissions regulations?
Originally Posted by Lateralus180 View Post
Do you have the jetting kit or is the bike stock?
Originally Posted by JayGoldstein
Well, I installed the Kientech kit, before doing so my bike was stock (1999 vintage) and never had a hesitation.

Only did this with the airbox lid installed (which is contrary to Jesse's instructions - but I wanted to change things gradually to compare performance). Today I took it around the block, and there was no hesitation. Would've gone further, but I took the pedal bike out for a 12-miler earlier and frankly, was a little bushed
On the "plus" side - it started easily and there was no need to wait for it to warm-up when I took off for the neighbor's house.

Lateralus - I took the adjustment screw in ~16 1/2 turns, which was "bottomed out" - then backed it out 1 & 1/8th (your memory is correct on that!) and ended up turning it back in ~1/3 or so... if I have time tomorrow I'll take it out for a longer run and see how it does - still without the airbox cover for now.
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