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Originally Posted by istephens View Post
Echoing somewhat LiveWire's post, where are you now, Tiffany?

And I have another itinerary-related question - do you plan on making it to Nakusp for the HU Meeting in late August?

Thanks for the pictures and commentary on what we here in N. America usually take for granted. Just as when we Canadians and Americans travel around the world and marvel at the cultures we see elsewhere, people traveling here from somewhere else in the world see NA contrasted to their own experience and culture.

It's fun to some of our part of the world through your eyes! So please keep the pics and commentary coming!



We were fortunate enough to have Tiffany as company last night here in Northern California. If you have the opportunity to hear her speak, by all means do so. She's got some fascinating stories to tell, and Thelma is a real feast for the eyes.
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