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Day 3
Pretty good night but a nice little sprinkling of rain was enough to keep the dust on our trails under control for the best part of the day.
De-camping from Holland Tk "Good Camp".

A very pleasant 40 or so kays and then the end of the Track.

If you really love something, its not wrong to give it a hug is it?

Next it was off down sweet fast & clear tracks to Cave Hill

This is Cave Hill....cave

We came from out there, somewhere....

Cave Hill is pretty cool - but we couldnt stick around and it was getting close to lunch time and we had a date with a Burger.

It was good to get off the bikes, get water and have a relax at the Widgiemooltha Roadhouse. Interesting place and currently very much FOR SALE
Time to sample the Lunch time menu. Widgie Burger and mega-salty chips

It did the job - is it worthy of its world famous status - no, not really.

Lunch over - time to do some tarmac to get fuel in Norseman (pumps out of service at Widgie)
Big Trucker

Salt Lakes aplenty out there - this one is Lake Cowan

Yay! Gravel again. The track to Peak Charles.

Literally in the absolute middle of nowhere. Flat, flat, flat, flat, BUMP, flat, flat, flat, flat,.....

Peak Charles. elev. 651m (just for you HR)
With the daylight failing we sped like crazy to get to the camping spot out of the wind and set up. We didnt climb it either. Its too hard to get a bike up there.

End of another good day. Time to get out the port and have some dinner. be continued
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