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My sister Emily's visit to Bogota

When you hang around my sister Emily, bombs tend to go off. Hereís a picture of me and my siblings in Times Square on May 1st, 2010, the day some nutjob stuffed a small SUV full explosives. The attempted bombing was foiled by vigilant street vendors who immediately alerted authorities that were able to diffuse the situation. We had just attended my cousinís wedding and reception, and were completely unaware of the attempted bombing.

Emilyís visit to Bogota was no different. Rufio and I rode off to a bike shop to get the bikes in order before we took Emily out for a ride in Colombia. Sure enough, a bomb being used to assassinate a former government official of Colombia exploded not far from the shop Rufio and I were at. Hereís the scene at the bike shop. They didnít stop working on the bikes for one minute, or for lunch. Life goes on, it always does.

Is that a big glob of grease on my thumb, or did I just vote in Iraq? Who cares, at least I'm wearing the same blue shirt I always wear for pics.

After the bikes were in order, our first little excursion was not too far outside of Bogota to a salt mine converted into a church. All I can say about it is that it had a lot of neon, the gift shop seemed to be the main feature, and it was weird overall. So weird that we werenít even sure it was indeed a real salt mine. So I licked the wall, and can definitively confirm for you that it was indeed a salt mine. Salt mines churches taste disgusting just in case you were wondering.

We did some more riding around before getting back to Bogota at rush hour to fight city traffic, and managed to get back to the hotel alive. Hereís a couple more photos of the outskirts of Bogota.

We also took the cable car up the hill to the overlook over Bogota. There's one hell of a view from up there.

We were also lucky enough to be invited to a vacation house owned by the family of Emilyís sister-in-law who resides in Bogota (Emilyís not married, but itís easier to explain this way). Our old buddy, Ryan from Bellingham, joined us as well for the two night we stayed there. Emilyís sister-in-law, Andrea was nice enough to take us to a nearby amusement park where her dad used to work. We got in for free which is a really great price when youíre traveling on a budget. The amusement park even had a zoo with the best monkey exhibit Iíve ever seen. I of course have no pictures.

Emily's final night in Bogota was filled with dancing and drinking at a happenin' club in North Bogota. Ryan from Bellingham got some photos, and you can click here to see them (have to scroll down a bit).

I think that about sums up Emilyís week in Bogota. It was great to see you Emily!
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