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Day 8: Skywalk

Day 8: More Grand Canyon, Highway 66, Skywalk

The next morning, as I am loading up, I notice this:

I have got to pay better attention to my straps hanging everywhere! At least it cauterized it nicely:

There are several points just inside the park that one can ride to, so I stopped by a few:

I was interested in riding at least some of Route 66 and since I was planning on heading west, I jumped on to it!:

This is a short stretch of 66 near Williams:

I stopped by the museum, but it wasn’t open:

I had to ride some slab to get to the next part of old Route 66 and jumped of at the “Crookton Road” exit:


These signs are interesting and effective; how could you not look?:

This is Seligman:

I didn’t stop because I thought there would be plenty of opportunity for me to do so at similar places. Alas, as it turns out, this was the only town on the part of the route I took that was entirely Route 66-ish.
More Burma-Shave signs:

This scenery is so pretty to me; I love distant mountains that get closer and closer:


Terrain and a train!:

Got to Kingman and had to make a choice: go on up toward the west end or hang around in Kingman. It was a little early in the day to anchor down for the night and after talking to a local about things to do in Kingman, I decided I would push on. Nothing against Kingman or its’ citizenry, I am sure it is a nice town!

I had seen a NatGeo or Discovery piece about the Skywalk on this end of the Grand Canyon and decided that it was something worth seeing. So, next stop: Skywalk on the Hualapai Reservation!
I believe I headed up Highway 93 and turned on to Buck and Doe Road. Some of this is gravel and a little thick in places, but mostly fun, twisty gravel. On the way shots:

You must park your ride and shuttle to each point. The first, Eagle Point, is where the Skywalk is:

See the Eagle?:

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take any loose items out on to the Skywalk, including cameras or phones (nevermind my camera was tied around my neck; they didn’t buy that argument). There really wasn’t very much information on site about how the Skywalk was built, but as I recall from the documentary, the steel structure rides on a sub assembly for seismic purposes. The walking surface is made of glass and the handrail all around the perimeter of the Skywalk is also glass. I found myself wishing that it hung deeper in to the canyon, but was suitably impressed with the structure. It wasn’t scary at all to me since I’ve been climbing all over the sides of buildings for a majority of my life, but some may find it a little disconcerting. There was an ongoing construction project around the visitor center at the Skywalk and I suspect it will have a lot more information about the structure when completed.

As we were travelling to the next point on the shuttle bus, a coyote ran in front of the bus. I couldn’t get my camera up and on fast enough to get good pictures, but I believe I see him in this one, sort of just right of center in this picture:

This picture does not adequately describe how big the crows were out there! The crows at home are probably half this size:

Next was Guano Point, named for the guano caves down in the canyon:

I had thought I would try and get to Boulder City that evening, but as late as it was, I really didn’t want to ride the highway at night. Since there really weren’t any towns on the way, it turns out, I really didn’t have much choice. Besides, getting to Boulder City would allow me to be right on top the sight I wanted to see the next day!

On the way out toward Highway 93:

Right after I made it back to the asphalt and just as I was coming out of a curve, I encountered a Yukon type truck heading the opposite way. Before I knew it, he lit up like a Christmas tree and then quickly turned off his lights. I gave the Sheriff's deputy a nice, friendly wave and that seemed to appease as he continued on his way without further incident. Whew! Up to this point, one of the few LEO's I had encountered during the trip.

Up next-Day 9: I wonder if this is where Hoffa is buried?
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