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Originally Posted by maloryII View Post
Outrageous secondary market for 90s and 110s will fall apart in about 3 years when we're allowed to import the real-deal Defenders.
As each year passes and the pool of importable trucks grows, prices will certainly fall, but I don't see things becoming drastically different, at least not in 3 years.

I don't understand what you mean when you say 'real-deal' Defenders. We've just recently approached the year range where importable trucks are equipped with 200TDi's, but there's virtually no difference between them and our NAS trucks aside from the powertrain. The trucks have gone largely unchanged since their birth, aside from TDi offerings and interior refinement.

I'm ready to get my hands on a new Puma with disc brake Salisburys, a TD5 and that new 6spd.
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