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Ok. I did not get any pictures of the fork seal job, but I did it all by my own self and it was super easy with the driver tool I splurged on.

Before I could do anything more though, I HAD to switch from the twangy country my husband insists on playing in the shop.

Aside from that, I changed out the brake pads for clean ones and degreased everything that had been oiled and splattered by the leaking seals. Added some hand guards that presented an odd conundrum. It turns out that when you put a spacer between the grip and the clutch lever itself, the manufactured bends in the lever bottom out before the switch allowing your bike to start is tripped. I never received that memo. SO, I disabled the system and it started fine!

Next on the list was testing the difference between the stock springs, since I am keeping the forks, and the new ones I bought out of a different bike. I discovered that the VF1000R came with progressively wound springs that slide seamlessly into the 41mm tubes from the SV. All I had to do was build a 3.5" spacer out of PVC.

More power tools!

After that, it was time to button it up!

Husband helped.

Took it for a test ride!!!!

But, it looked lonely. So, here is the dear husband's F800GS then mine as it sits now and finally my 5 year old's PW50.

Finally, I tried it in the nearest twisty corners and our five acre off-road track that is more aggressive than any forest service highway, to test the suspension.

It handled beautifully! I was simultaneously sad and ecstatic that the different springs worked fine as a substitute. It would have been fun to try different combinations of spring stiffnesses and lengths to find one that worked, but I am glad we didn't have to go to that extreme. There are more modifications in the works, but until I get more parts the project is at a bit of a standstill. In the meantime, I am going to enjoy the bike as it is!
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