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Originally Posted by nomadicbear View Post
Nick, I have read every word of your RR, Web and Facebook page I've even went into all your post here and where others have posted about you. I admire what you are doing and how you are going about doing it. I wish that more people were thoughtful enough to ask before taking a photo and I agree with you about not paying 100% and it cuts into having pic's of wonderful People's but we have so much more than most, but I sometime think that there the ones who have the most and that's there love of family and the kindness that's shown to others. Here in the US even the panhandlers have more money for drugs and boozes than a family there. I for one would miss You and your Ride Report and Photography and hope to one day come across you in your travels. I'm planing on doing a run on a Ural Gear-Up in October going all the way to TDF and I have no date set as to when to get to Ushuaia it's just going to be a slow ride and take in as much a possible.
By heck! thats's a lot to read! G--lad you -have and have enjoyed it! whats up with this keyboard, -----i'l keep it short...bloody hyphen. So, good luck on the trip,no need for dates, when you're ready you'll be ready, --and you'll never be ready, so just g--o rig---ht ------now!
---friggin keyboard...sorry i'll have to go before i go crazy..
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