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I've been out on both the KLR and wee strom with the K60 scouts. Haven't had the chance to try them in the mud as yet but the pattern on the 130/80-17 ( KLR) really digs in the snow. The wee strom handles a lot better in the gravel than the Shinko 705s. The other day went down though Laurier lake - Onion lake-Marwayne areas hitting as much gravel as I could, the tires felt really stable and I often had to slow to highway speeds. Both tread patterns do have a bit of a thump/pulse due to the tread pattern, not as smooth as the shinkos were on the pavement. The rear on the strom (150/70-17) is bumpy on corners but still feels confident when leaning over. I think my chicken strips on this tire are about a 1/2" wide, so cornering is good.

I was up by English Bay on Weds. The grader had just completed bringing all the gravel to the top of the road, I thought I might have some handling issues with all the loose material but KLR and the scouts just ripped through it. Very happy with the handling.

Installing on the wee strom was a challenge. The front didn't want to seat, had to tighten a strap around the outside of the tire in order to get it to seat. The rear tire was just as hard to spoon on as the rear as on my Gold wing. KLR install was a piece of cake.

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