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I had an issue one time so far where the bike wouldn't start. And it wasn't the immobilizer issue, as it would crank, but it wouldn't "catch" - as if the idle was set too low (me thinks stepper related). This was a case where I had stopped off for a few minutes on a hot day (90F+) and left shortly thereafter. I *think* tried 2 or 3 times to start to no avail. Can't remember if I cycled through the startup (key off, wait, key on, prime pump) once or twice before it actually started.

I've found another thread somewhere else that made it sound like a hot start issue. It was rather upsetting being such a new bike, but I'll work through it :)

I haven't had another issue since (knock on wood), but I can tell that startup is a little different when it's hot (as to be somewhat expected). Hard to explain, but it's like I'll start it, and the RPMs will drop under 1k (for a fraction of a second), but I'm assuming the stepper jumps in real quick to compensate.

I bought the bike used, but the owner had the ecu map updated prior to the sale and I've verified that it's the latest via TuneECU.

And no, heat doesn't bother me. I'm used to riding hot bikes. That catalytic converter doesn't help. And I'm not worried about chains flying off. I do think the loose bolts is a little annoying - nothing I'd go to the dealer for though. I hate dealing with dealers...
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