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Originally Posted by woofer2609 View Post
Any new vehicle is so quiet at speed, and has so many safety features that the drivers have no fear of hurting themselves, let alone others.
I like the idea of installing a spike in the center of every steering wheel. Can you imagine?
Yep! In the 50/60/70/80's, Standard family cars could NOT travel 130MPH. That is easy with a new car and almost every car can do 100-110, even a new Bug. Cruising at 80 is easy, silent and there is so much crap to distract you from the road including 200watt stereos, mp3's, cell phones, GPS, bluetooth, seat warmers...
Very little is done in the way of actually TEACHING the responsibility of driving. It is more of "Get your license so I dont have to drive you everywhere" and then "they" grow up to be adults. bastards!
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