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Originally Posted by Kootenai Rider View Post
That's for the basement....

Didn't see the option, but PT Cruiser drivers, and the crappy Chevy equivalent rank high on my list of DB's.
PT Cruisers...definitely! I have totally lost count of the times some overweight middle-aged+ woman is on her cell phone or chewing down another double cheeseburger and has just about run me off the road (and I could be driving a delivery van, they just don't care), but will glare and scowl, "How DARE you be on the same road with me". Totally the car of the middle aged, "Daddy didn't buy me sharp car back when I was a teenager, and I am still angsty about it, so I am 'entitled".

On a trip I told my wife, "Next PT Cruiser you see, check the driver, I am telling you, its going to be driven by an overweight, middle-aged blonde woman, she will be on her cell phone, eating, or applying make up". My wife said I was stereotyping and it she didn't approve. But, the next PT Cruiser we saw, her only comment was, "Holy Shit...."!
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