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speaking of the road, the poor rat was sitting there covered with mud from way back in May when i returned from the last beastly V649 outing, man, i needed to get that thing cleaned up, it's going to get launched again shortly.

washed, then up on the lift, i had a TKC takeoff that had about 60% left on it and that tire was going to replace the Big Block that had the same miles and was shot, and no, don't get me started on those POS tires.

wiping down the bike, detailing some, ain't a showbike, but it's a good way to check things out as you go. loose or missing fasteners, anything broken or out of adjustment, the usual, easier to fix in the shop than on the road.

i worked my way back over to the left side when i put my hand on the Fastway footrest, damn, the thing was way loose. if you ever happen to have the shifter/footrest assembly apart, you'll find what i consider a design defect. the linked shifter shares the shaft that is common with the footrest yoke. the shifter rotates on the shaft but the shaft itself is indexed to the the aluminum footrest mount by a shallow 10mm flat in the casting. a fairly normal method of indexing a shaft, but in this case, the flat is neither wide enough nor deep enough.

flopping the bike on the left can and will round the flat if you catch the ground at the wrong angle, then no more shaft index. i don't know how long it had been loose, that last trip i flopped on the right side. removed the socket head bolt at shaft, wire brushed the surfaces, blue, stuck it back together. be sure to have the surfaces correctly mated before you tighten things up.

wouldn't hurt to check that bolt occasionally if you're using the Versys footrest mounts on a build.
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