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Monday - Hurrah Pass & Jackson's Hole

Monday - Hurrah Pass & Jackson's Hole

Finally, our first full day of riding! Coming off some serious sleep depravation we didnít get the earliest start this fine day. Everyone slowly stumbled out of bed and HeWhoHesit8s (Frank) took off to grab some cooking supplies.

After a very delicious bacon and egg breakfast (Thank you Frank!!!) Everyone dug out their gear and started to suit up. GPS tracks were loaded and maps were examined and since we had had some electrical troubles the day before I packed the jumper cables.

This time we found the proper entrance to the trail and headed up, and up, and up over hurrah pass. I stopped several times to shoot video of the other riders. Everyone was just so in awe of the landscape, we were stopping to take pictures of every little rock formation we came across.

We met some nice cyclists on the way and some people in Side-by-Side ATVs. We stopped to chat and ask about the different trails in the area. Finally we crested Hurrah pass.

Mark staying WAY back from the edge.

Down the other side everyone was hugging the wall, the cliffs and heights we were experiencing took a little while to get used to. Finally down the bottom we found the SAND. Ack! The rutted out soft sand was a real challenge. Rhino (Eric) dropped his bike a few times and finally the 950 decided it didnít want to run anymore. Apart came the bike in the middle of the desert while everyone else cowered in the shade under an outcrop.

After the 950 roared to life and took off everyone else hopped on their bikes only to discover that Rider23 had a front flat!

15 minutes later we had it swapped out and were back on the trail. We came around the corner to find the 950 had fallen over again in the sand and was dead on the side of the trail.

Again, Eric tore into his bike re-routing hoses and checking the fuel and air entering the carbs. Finally we figure that the drain hose for the carbs had been rerouted so they wouldnít suck up water but that this was stopping the bike from draining the carbs properly when they flooded. While all this was happening the constant attempts to start the bike had killed the battery.

Enter the jumper cables!

We hooked up the KLR, fired it up while Eric worked away on his bike. The KLR had no problem with the heat of the early afternoon sun and idled away charging the KLR for half an hour. What a champ!

Finally all back together, and after being stopped for around 4 hours during the hottest part of the day, we were running out of water and just wanted to get out of there. We hit the trail with a vengeance and booted it around the Jacksonís Hole loop and up and out of Hurrah pass.

While we were working our way out Frank took a tumble and killed his battery trying to restart his flooded KTM 530. Ack 1 day of riding and 3 out of 4 KTMs had killed their batteries. This is going to be interesting.

Up and out we rode, heading as fast as we could to the beer fridge, the hot tub, and the couch.

Except for Eric, who like a champ did a T-mod to his carb drain hose so it would drain properly when he dropped the bike. He also did a full clean out of all the jets and grabbed a bottle of sea-foam to run through as well. All of this and he didnít get to bed until almost midnight.
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