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Originally Posted by blacktiger View Post
If I were you I'd be wary of making it too black. A bit of contrast usually makes thing look better.
I'm not going for the total murdered out look, I think there will still be enough other materials for contrast such as the pegs, handlebars, muffler and some other various brackets and plastic. Painting the bags metallic black to match the bodywork/tank should leave a contrast between the flat plastic ends and the painted part, similar to other painted panniers on bikes like a MS1200 or the Tiger1050. The stock plastic skid pan is black and I like how that looks. The silver radiator brackets seems an odd choice but I'll have to stare at the bike a while once I get it to decide if they should be satin blacked too. It's all personal opinion. Painting the bags though will be the largest expense since I'm not a painter. That might have to wait a while.
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