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Originally Posted by Benesesso View Post
Back to the headlights-off question. Any inmates from S. America know if it's still done?
I'm just spit-balling here but older cars had generators instead of todays modern alternators, generators will not make sufficient amps at low rpm, idle, to power the lights so the battery is getting drained at idle. Also, generators need a little voltage to "excite" them into working, produce amperage. So, if the battery gets too dead the generator won't come back on line. This would be worse on older, less maintained vehicles.

And, to get back on track.....

While putting my helmet on outside of an Autozone the other day...

Mullet head: (Looks up at storm clouds) Looks like it going to rain.

ME: (Looking up at storm clouds) Yup.

MH: I hope you not going too far.

ME: Baltimore, home, about 130 miles. (No, I did not ride 130 miles to get to the Autozone, its conveniently near my parents house)

MH: Whatcha gonna do when it rains?

ME: Get wet. It happens.

MH: I never ride in the rain, heck, my Harley has never had a drop of rain onnit.

ME: Ah, well, have a nice day!
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