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Eureka Dunes. Quite spectacular, and unexpected.

Mastering the soft stuff!

Short rest break on Steel Pass

Fast ride down Steel Pass towards the Hot Springs camp

Mark this as a place worth coming back to!

Trusty DR350/441

Back over Lippincott in the reverse direction this time

Feeling Neduro-esque out past the Racetrack in the evening light.

Out of gas...near the Ubehebe Crater, we were about 10kms from the truck, and my bike ran flat dry. I thought I could get 200 miles out of the 4gal tank, but it ran dry at about 180.

Fashioning a siphon with some duct tape and old fuel line.

Super-friendly couple from Georgia stopped and helped until they were sure we were going to be safely out of the desert, as by this time, night had fallen. They followed us out to boot. Thanks!!

The long loop through Steel Pass was a nice ride. Good relaxed pace all day, and a wide variety of scenery and trail types. Unfortunately we had a foot slip while loading the bikes in the truck, and Wes' hand was crushed between the pavement and a bike foot peg, and it wasn't clear if he'd be able to ride tomorrow for our last day.

Incredibly, he shrugged off the significant pain and swelling to enjoy another great final day where we looped through Chloride again, and back through Titus Canyon for a final farewell to the park before having to head south to home.

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