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The unfortunate saga of Robert Kubica continues. Prosthetics implanted. Apparently he had to let go of the wheel to turn left. Very sad.


Robert Kubica has undergone surgery in order to improve the mobility of his arm following his accident last year.

The Pole, who continues recovering from the horrific crash he was involved in during a rally at the start of last year, had surgery at the Pederzoli hospital at the end of last month, when parts of his elbow were replaced with two prosthesis.

According to the doctor in charge of the operation, that will allow Kubica to fully handle the steering wheel of a car.

The doctor also said that the Polish driver had been carrying out tests in a simulator prior to the operation.

"This way the driver will be able to fully handle the steering wheel, while before he was unable to rotate the palm down, so he was forced to release the steering wheel in order to turn left," head surgeon Ruggero Testoni was quoted as saying by Italian media.

"The surgery was preceded by a series of tests in a car simulator. It will take at least one month in order to stabilize."

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