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I followed your fork compression graph when I redid my compression stack last night. I was able to use what I had to incorporate some bleed to the stack, which seems to really have helped. I bled the forks, removed the speed bleeders that kept leaking, and did a quick test around the neighborhood. Initial impressions are great. I rode the bike into one of my concrete steps, and almost didn't feel it. It also feels like I got some much better high speed damping as well. I found it was much easier to do stoppies on the thing.

I'm still hesitating on the rear shock a bit, mostly due to the bleeding I hear being a PITA & the nitrogen. I've heard some folks just use a high pressure bicycle pump (for their air forks\shocks) to find a pressure they like, and then go get it filled with nitrogen. Right now I'll live with the funky rebound of the rear end. I'm really just looking forward to testing the forks out this weekend.

I'll be going out to where our "home" harescramble is (Fox valley Off-Road) and give things a real shakedown. I'll actually put the GoPro on so I can get some pics\video. I feel I got too much chat here, and not enough photo\video.


PS - I red loctited the primary nut onto the crank. That shouldn't come off on me while riding anymore.
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