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Day 1...Continued from above.

A piece of a's amazing how well the desert preserves items like this.

One of the 4 super chargers laying at the crash site.

A large piece of wing buried in the ground. You can see the control linkages as well as a small drive sprocket.

Some kind of hydraulic unit...I wish I knew what some of these pieces went to.


The plane burned when it crashed into the mountain side....the heat was intense!

Another engine.

Landing gear assy.

Main gear wheel....melted out.

Another super charger assy.

The debri field is huge...lots of little pieces scattered along the hill side.

Self shot :-)

Andy at the top of the hill...soaking in the view.

Engine close up

Andy snapping a picture

Trever holding a chunk of melted aluminum....I wonder what part this used to be?

Looking back on the entry road

Looking down on the crash site from the hill side above.

Trever spies something....

A huge rattle snake...

Nose wheel gear.

Engine/super charger assy.

Another super charger assy

Melted Jug

Heavy piece of armored plate...wonder if it protected a fuel tank, or ??

Another engine

Piece of heavy cast aluminum and some wiring.

The other main gear assy.

Looking into the distance


Checking out the wreckage

More melted aluminum.

After checking out the crash site we got back on the bikes and headed twords Bog Hot Springs to camp and soak....we've all been up since about 2;30am and had a long drive plus the ride, we are all ready to relax for the night.

Heading down the hill we see rain showers off in the distance, the weather has cooled down quite a bit since we first arrived at the crash site and the ride down is great.

Looking back at the crash site in the distance.

Alan at another gate on the way down from the mountain.

Trever dropping down into the valley below.

We arrive at Bog Hot Springs and set up camp...ready for food and a soak.

My camp setup, I start charging my Iphone and camera batteries.

Andy's and Trevor's camp

The sun setting on the hills....Beautiful!

A panoramic of the hot springs...water in the desert!!

Everyone headed to the springs...I decided to eat first then join the rest in the nice hot water.

Doesn't get any better than a hot flowing river!

Alan heating up dinner.

Alan's fan and GPS power stopped working today, we decide to operate and find out what's causing the problem. Turned out a wire came disconnected under the to love easy fixes!

Storm clouds are moving in..and there is lightning in the distance.

I manage to catch two lightning strikes with my hand held camera.

I decide to try and frame the bike in a lightning strike picture...but the sky starts opening up and rain starts pouring down. Not wanting to get the camera wet I retreat to the tent for the night. It was a great day of riding today...can't wait till tomorrow!

End Day 1
Miles on bike: 1338
HRS on bike: 55.1


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